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What I do

I provide a range of graphic design services to help you convey your message while reinforcing your brand.
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Graphic Design

Design, typography, and page layout for marketing collateral, reports, and infographics. Image retouching. Social media posts, and much more.

I'm happy to take on small or large projects, from a small sticker to a multiple-page report. It can be a one-off job or ongoing support with day-to-day graphic needs.

Print Production

Print-ready files for reports, catalogues, packaging, displays, and more.

Whether you have an existing design that requires tweaking or re-purposing, or need a new design for any print format, I can provide you with accurate, print-ready files, created to exact specifications so you have less issues at the printer.

Technical Illustrations

3D models, diagrams, illustrations.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. I can create accurate illustrations of your product or systems, allowing you to provide effective sales brochures, training manuals, or assembly instructions.

Work samples



I'm a detail-oriented design professional with extensive experience in design and graphic production for the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors as well as small businesses. I'm able to turn your message, ideas, and complex systems into an effective and attractive product.

I have a background in Industrial Design and a love for photography. I'm also an aspiring ceramic artist. For more on that, please visit


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